Bicentennial & Beyond Initiative

We would like to thank those who generously invested in Friends of the Eastern Promenade’s Bicentennial & Beyond Initiative.  Your participation in this multi-year pledge program directly impacted our structural growth and advancement of strategic goals.

Because of you…..
In 2013 we were able to increase our level of organizational and philanthropic resources by hiring a part-time Executive Director and successfully launch the Capital Campaign for actualizing the Fort Allen Rehabilitation Project.

Because of you…..
The Fort Allen Rehabilitation Project included return of the historic cannons and celebrated a most worthy recognition of Fort Allen’s Bicentennial in 2014.

Because of you……
We are now poised to move “beyond” and provide improved safety and access at Portland’s recreational gateway to Casco Bay. The East End Waterfront Access Project (EEWAP) seeks to enhance use for all forms of personal, non-motorized watercraft.   

Thank you!

Our Supporters


Valerie Birnhak
Greg Boulos & Naela Smith
George Campbell Jr.
Francis Cloutier
Diane Dombrowski
Edmund S. Gardner
Cyrus & Patricia Hagge
Matthew Kennedy & Lori Parham
Peter & Pam Macomber
Harry McMann
Mary Noyes
Joe Piergrossi & Trevor Coyne
Crandall Toothaker
Carolyn & Randy Young

Eugene & Huguette Davis
Aynne Doil
Phyllis Jalbert
Guy, Stella, & Antonio Hernandez
Marcie & Eric Lister
Norm & Sally Nelson
Anne & Dale Rand
United Insurance – Haley Agency

Amy Alward Insurance Agency
Aquarius Property Management
Patricia McGraw Anderson
Peter Bass & Lin Lisberger
Joshua Broder & Eliza Ginn
Frances Buerkens & William M. Ginn
Nan Cumming & Drew Masterman
Peter & Kathleen Dane
Diane & Jeffery Davison
Kristen Lape & Jaime Isaacson
Lynne Panico
R. John & Betty Wuesthoff
Rob & Robin Whitten

Other Contributors
Deb & Edward Andrews
Paul & Dale Cronin
Eric & Betsey Handley
Decorum Hardware and Specialty Lighting
Mateo Hodo
Bill & Deb Jabine
Tom & Amy Landry
Peter & Deb Murray
Terry Odlin
Cami Smalley & Pete Risano
Jeff Wright