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Hidden Gardens of Munjoy Hill

July 9, 2017 

10:00 am -4:00 pm 

Tour Begins at Fort Allen Park,  Eastern Promenade, Portland Maine 

(rain or shine) 


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Get to Know Friends of the Eastern Promenade!

Dog Rules + Regulations

With the arrival of Memorial Day comes the change in seasonal hours within the off leash areas in the Eastern Promenade Park.  It is important to know that this park, like many other parks in the City, have rules pertaining to dogs. The Eastern Promenade is dog-friendly and regularly visited by many pet parents, both residents and non-residents of Portland. To ensure an enjoyable experience for all, dogs must be under voice control, whether on or off leash, at all times. Feel free to peruse and print your own map detailing off-leash areas on the Promenade. 

Maps will soon be available at thekiosk at East End Beach andthe top of Cutter Street. 

Dogs are allowed off leash, under voice control, in these designated areas:

  1. East End Beach and the Northwest Shore
  2. The grassy hill area between Cutter Street down to the lower sidewalk and over to the exit side of the Fort Allen roadway (north side of the "U" drive) 
  3. The mid-slope nature path, accessible from the northwest corner of the parking lot on the north side of Cutter Street 

Off-Leash Hours for Dogs on the Eastern Promenade:

  • Summer: Memorial Day to Labor Day, Before 9am and after 5pm
  • Winter: Day after Labor Day until Memorial Day – anytime during park hours (5am-10pm)

Voice control means your dog responds to and obeys your verbal commands. Owners must have a leash in hand at all times and be physically present within 50 feet of the dog(s). The number of dogs per person is limited to three.

Dogs are prohibited on all playgrounds, schoolyards, and athletic fields throughout the City of Portland.

Aggressive dog behavior will not be tolerated in the park or on the beach at any time.

Violation of Leash Law shall be punishable by minimum fee of $75.00.

Violation of Portland’s poop scoop ordinance is punishable by a minimum fine of $250 for each offense. The minimum penalty for a third offense under this section shall be five hundred dollars ($500). Please do not throw waste in the brush or sewer system (manholes).

City Officials:

Park Ranger: (207) 874-8462
Animal Control: (207) 874-8575

Did You Know?

The majority of water pollution occurs from cars leaking oil, lawn and garden fertilizers, pet waste and residential car washing.

Our drains get contaminated with litter, pet waste and street pollutants.

Sewage treatment plants do not treat (clean) water from storm drains.

Pet waste is a source of bacteria and viruses to our groundwater, and inland and coastal watersheds.

Pet waste contains persistent pollutants that can spread diseases and parasites to people & other pets.

It is a violation of City ordinance to leave pet waste behind.

Host your next event on the Eastern Promenade!

Hosting an event on the prom involves two steps:

1. Visit the Eastern Promenade Park and choose the location you wish to hold the event. 

2. Complete a Public Park & Space application form.

Please know that fees apply to events in City parks. Fees are tiered and assigned based on the level of demand placed on City resources and impact on City infrastructure. 

Let us know if we can help along the way with the following; location options, seasonal weather patterns, or event-related questions, as you begin to plan your special event.