Fort Allen Park Rehabilitation Project

In 2011 Friends of the Eastern Promenade led the comprehensive undertaking of the rehabilitation of Fort Allen Park to restore the landscape, preserve historical monuments, enhance pedestrian circulation and accessibility, and rejuvenate the bandstand. The signature “park within the park” at the south-eastern tip of the Eastern Promenade is now also adorned with interpretive panels to inform visitors about the park's rich history, Casco Bay harbor defense, and general navigation. In partnership with the City of Portland, and with the generous support from local businesses and residents, the rehabilitation project restored many of Fort Allen Park's visual features and design elements that distinguished the park from 1890 to 1930, identified as the park’s period of greatest historical significance. 

Stewards of the Park

The Fort Allen Rehabilitation Project was made possible through the generous support of numerous partners and supporters. Major funding was provided by the City of Portland, the Boulos Family, Martin’s Point Health Care, the Davis Family Foundation, Norway Savings Bank, Edmund Gardner III, Crandall Toothaker, and an Anonymous “Friend.” Friends of the Eastern Promenade extends sincere thanks to the dozens of individuals who contributed to the Fort Allen Rehabilitation Park capital fund, and whose generosity was essential to the project’s success.