Diane Davison
Executive Director

Jessica Siraco
Marketing & Development Coordinator   


Matthew Kennedy

Shawnee Sax
Vice President

William Jabine III

Brandon Mazer

Board of Directors

We are history buffs, bird watchers, and kayakers. We are runners, picnickers, tennis players, and dog lovers. We bike the trails, swim at East End Beach, fly kites, and take pictures of Casco Bay. We gather at the bandstand for concerts, tour gardens on Munjoy Hill, and volunteer on community cleanup days. We are all stewards of the Eastern Promenade. Because every great park needs good Friends.

Cynthia Murray-Beliveau
Katie Brown
Nan Cumming
Courtney Francis
Joyce Wethington Knight

Zach Anchors
Aynne Doil
Dan Haley, Jr.
Tom Leonhardt
Peter O'Donnell

Mary Noyes
Sharon A. Sudbay
Carolyn Young
Caron Zand

Meetings are held 6:00-7:30 pm on the first Tuesday of even months. 

All members of the community are welcome to attend our board and committee meetings. 

Join us at:

Hill House
Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization (MHNO)
92 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101


The 2017 Board of Directors were recently sworn in at our annual meeting. Following tradition, each board member will serve on one or more committees as part of their contribution to the organization. Committee chair and other committee designations will be established soon.

Executive Committee
Matthew Kennedy, Chair

Finance Committee
William Jabine, Chair

Courtney Francis                                                                       

Dan Haley

William Jabine

Brandon Mazer 

Shawnee Sax 






Development Committee
Caron Zand, Chair 

Programs & Project Committee
Joyce Wethington Knight, Chair 

Marketing & Communication Committee
Katie Brown, Chair

Garden Committee
Aynne Doil, Chair