Fort Allen Park Restoration update

Portland's Historic Preservation Board reviewed preliminary options for the restoration of Fort Allen Park at two workshops this fall. The Historic Preservation Board and FoEP agreed on establishing the park's period of historic significance from 1890 to 1930. This period will guide decisions on the park's design.

Friends of the Eastern Promenade is spearheading the Fort Allen Park Restoration Plan, which will reinstate the park's historic character, preserve its scenic views and repair deteriorating monuments, in addition to providing new walkways, lighting, site furnishings, fencing and signage. We've hired the design team of Martha Lyon and Regina Leonard to research the park's history, create schematic plans and develop a budget.

Leonard presented an introduction to the preliminary plan at FoEP's annual meeting in October. FoEP will seek community input at a public meeting to be scheduled in early 2012 prior to presenting the final plan to the Preservation Board.

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