Explore the Hidden Gardens of Munjoy Hill

The Hidden Gardens of Munjoy Hill offers an opportunity to explore a dozen lush city gardens tucked away in this charming Portland neighborhood.

The self-guided garden tour, held between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, July 10, will feature unique urban retreats scattered throughout Munjoy Hill. Members of the Society for East End Arts (SEA) will also open their studios for visitors. The tour is presented by Friends of the Eastern Promenade.

Visitors can stroll through a delightful English Victorian garden, a tranquil Japanese garden and a “wild” flower garden that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Some gardens are brand new, with others tended by gardeners for several generations. All of the gardens highlight the creativity of gardening in the city.

One garden abounds with bonsai created from rescued plants from local nurseries, some straight from the compost heaps. “We bonsai anything – blueberries, gingkos, azaleas, evergreens,” says the garden’s owner. “We call it our personal arboretum.”

In addition to the gardens, tour-goers can visit an educational display on invasive plants, featuring a large patch of Japanese knotweed on the Eastern Promenade. Volunteers from Friends of the Eastern Promenade are working with the City of Portland to remove knotweed and other invasive species from the park.

"The garden tour has become Friends of the Eastern Promenade's signature event and is our largest fundraiser of the year,” says Colleen Bedard, chair of the Hidden Gardens Committee. “It's always a fun day for everyone involved."

Advance tickets are available for $15 online at hiddengardensofmunjoyhill.org or at Skillin’s Greenhouse, O’Donal’s Nurseries,
 Allen, Sterling & Lothrup,
 Broadway Gardens, Rosemont Market and Coffee by Design. On the day of event, tickets will be sold for $20 at the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization’s Hill House at 92 Congress St., where the tour begins.

For more information, visit hiddengardensofmunjoyhill.org.