Pierce Atwood employees pitch in for the Prom

Volunteers from PierceAtwood lent a hand with several seasonal tasks on the Promenade and throughout the City as part of the firm's annual Day of Service. A new link that's part of the Midslope Trail connection near the Loring Memorial Trail was graded and pruned back to open up the path and make it more inviting. Jaime Parker from Portland Trails was on hand to provide instruction and tools for the job. On the other side of the Prom, teams tackled an invasive patch of knotweed near Fort Allen Park and worked with crews from the City's Public Services department to clean and mulch near the East End Bath house and to mulch the trees along the Promenade.

Pierce Atwood employees also worked on projects at Deering Oaks, the Eastern and Western Cemetery, Baxter Woods and Riverton Trolley Park. In all, more than 80 volunteers spread throughout the City's parks and green spaces for the event.

"We're grateful that the City thought of us when looking for tasks to be assigned. We can always use the help with our Prom projects," said Diane Davison, President of Friends of the Eastern Promenade.  "The PierceAtwood teams were real go-getters! Our thanks go to them as well.