Project Priorities: Restoration, Relocation & Recreation

Friends of the Eastern Promenade announced the following Project Priorities at the Eastern Prom Preview meeting May 4 at the East End Community School: · Relocation of the Commercial Boat Ramp: FoEP is working with the City and stakeholders to consider relocation of the commercial ramp at the East End Beach, due to numerous safety hazards imposed by the conflict of heavy industrial use within this recreational area. This is among the top priorities recommended within the 2004 Master Plan.

· Rehabilitation of Fort Allen Park: In anticipation of the 200th anniversary of Fort Allen in 2014, we are developing a plan to restore the park, including restoration of the bandstand, cannons and carriages; landscaping, site furnishings, lighting and fencing. A landscape design consultant has been selected to develop the plan.

· Invasive Species Management: We are working with the city of Portland to manage invasive species in the park, starting with a large patch of Japanese knotweed along the edge of Fort Allen Park.

· Restoration of Cleeves Monument: We plan to restore the 1883 monument and design a trail from the memorial to Cutter Street.

· Informational Signage and Kiosk: Directional and interpretive signage and kiosks will offer park visitors guidance and point out environmental and historical aspects of the Promenade.