Paddle for the Promenade Event Information

Paddle for the Promenade is a fundraising event for the Friends of the Eastern Promenade that includes both competitive and non-competitive group paddles for kayaks and stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) as well as a kid’s course.

Our Three Courses

Kids Course (.75 miles)

Kids, families and first timers will have fun on this short course out around Pomroy Rock.  Leaving from East End Beach, make your way out to Pomroy Rock, keeping it on your right.  Keep a healthy distance from the rock since their are shallow areas.  You may also spot birds and seals relaxing out there, so do your best not to scare them away.  Paddle around the back side of Pomroy, then straight towards the buoy at the very far end of East End Beach.  Keep that buoy on your right as you make a turn to keep the beach on your left.  From there it's a straight shot back along the beach to the finish line, keeping the beach on your left the whole time.  Be sure not to paddle too close to the beach because it can get very shallow.   

Short Course (4 miles)

This is the course for casual paddlers, recreational paddlers and those just wanting some good fun on the water with others.  You'll begin with a water start from the cove near the boat launch at East End Beach.  Keeping well clear of boat traffic at the launch, paddle towards Mackworth Island, watching for boat traffic during your crossing.  Keeping Mackworth Island on your right, make your way underneath the causeway bridge and continue all the way around Mackworth.  Once you've rounded the far side, it's a straight line back to the finish line near the boat launch.  Mackworth Island has a gorgeous coastline and this is a wonderful route for a fun paddle from the Eastern Promenade.  

Long Course (9.75 miles)

This the most competitive and adventurous course of the three and is suited for experienced paddlers.  The course will begin with an on-water start from the cove near the Eastern Promenade boat launch.  Head towards Mackworth Island in the distance, keeping it on your right and passing underneath the causeway bridge.  From the backside of Mackworth, continue Northeast keeping The Brothers on your right.  Follow that course past The Brothers and towards Clapboard Island, also keeping it on your right as your continue around it.  Once you've made it to the far end of Clapboard Island, make your way back towards Portland.  Take in the views of downtown as you once more paddle past The Brothers on your right.  As your pass Mackworth Island again, keep it on your right and then finish up near the boat launch where your started.  Paddlers should watch for boat traffic the entire time, as this is a popular recreational boating area.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent a kayak or SUP? 
Yes.  Portland Paddle is renting sea kayaks and paddleboards for the event, with 100% of proceeds directed to the Friends of the Eastern Promenade. You will have the option of selecting rental gear when you register.

Do I have to wear a life jacket? 
Yes.  All participants must wear a life jacket when on the water. 

Where do I park? 
Participants may drive to the bottom of Cutter street and park for a very short amount of time in order to unload kayaks and sups.  Then, cars may be parked in either of the two overflow parking lots on Cutter street, or street park in the East End on any public street with legal parking.  East End beach is a short walk from the parking lots.  

What time does registration open? 
Registration will open at 7:30am.

I registered online.  Do I still need to check-in the morning of the event? 
Yes.  You'll need to check-in in the morning before the event to sign an event waiver, pickup a number and get last minute updates.  

Are there restrictions on the type of kayak or sup I can use? 
Depends on the course.  There are no restrictions on the Kids Course or Short Course.  On the Long Course, however, kayaks must be a minimum of 12' long and sups must be a minimum of 12'6" long.