Paddle for the Promenade
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent a kayak or SUP? 
Yes.  Portland Paddle is renting sea kayaks and paddleboards for the event, with 100% of proceeds directed to the Friends of the Eastern Promenade. You will have the option of selecting rental gear when you register.

Do I have to wear a life jacket? 
Yes.  All participants must wear a life jacket when on the water. 

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Where do I park? 
Participants may drive to the bottom of Cutter street and park for a very short amount of time in order to unload kayaks and SUPs.  Then, cars may be parked in either of the two overflow parking lots on Cutter street, or street park in the East End on any public street with legal parking.  East End beach is a short walk from the parking lots.  See the parking map.

What are the age limits for the Kid’s Course?
Children ages 12-16 can paddle the Kid’s Course on their own. Kids 7 and up can paddle with a parent in a tandem kayak.

What time does registration open? 
Registration will open at 7:30am. You should plan to register at least 30 minutes before your course starts.

I registered online.  Do I still need to check-in the morning of the event? 
Yes.  You'll need to check-in in the morning before the event to sign an event waiver, pickup a number and get last minute updates.  Please check in at least 30 minutes before your course starts.

Are there restrictions on the type of kayak or SUP I can use? 
It depends on the course.  There are no restrictions on the Kid’s Course or Shorter Course.  On the Long Course, however, kayaks must be a minimum of 14' long and SUPs must be a minimum of 12'6" long.  

If I am paddling a tandem kayak do both paddlers need to register and pay the event fee or just one?
Both people in a tandem kayak should pay the registration fee.