Safe Public Access

Friends of the Eastern Promenade supports the maintenance and creation of safe and secure trails, nature paths and pedestrian walkways.

Cutter Street Realignment Plan

In accord with the recommendations of the Master Plan for the Eastern Promenade, the City of Portland proposed safety improvements at the intersection of Eastern Promenade and Cutter Street.

“The intersection of Cutter Street and Eastern Promenade is confusing in its current configuration. Cutter Street appears to be an extension of the promenade drive, not a separate street.” 

We led the charge on this project, carrying out the primary objective of the Master Plan - enhanced safety. This included realignment of the curb and narrowing the amount of pavement along the Eastern Promenade roadway from Morning Street to the head of Cutter Street.

“Reduce roadway pavement width at Eastern Promenade and Morning Street to organize the intersection, inform people where they are expected to drive, decrease speeds and provide pedestrians with a shorter crosswalk length.”

The previous pedestrian crosswalk at the entrance of Cutter Street had been the longest in the City of Portland at 100ft. The realignment plan effectively narrowed the road width in this area which resulted in increased sight lines, reduced speeds from motorized vehicles, and improved safety for pedestrians. The project was completed in the Summer of 2015.