Through maintenance and sustainable protection of environmental integrity.

April Stools Day & Community Cleanup

April 22, 2017 9:00 am-Noon 

Hosted by Friends of the Eastern Promenade with support from Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization

This environmentally inclined effort began in 1995, and became a formal program of Friends of the Eastern Promenade in 2006. Under the organization’s direction, this program continues to grow, with satellite locations throughout Portland and adjacent cities; involving over 200 participants.

In addition to our doo-ty of hands-on clean up of parks, beaches and neighborhoods, we educate participants on the importance of proper disposal of all waste. In 2014, we teamed up with Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization to make this both a neighborhood and park effort! Together, we aim to keep our parks and neighborhoods free from pet waste and other debris.

In past years our cleanup effort has included the following areas in Portland and surrounding neighborhoods: Eastern Promenade Park, East End Beach, Fort Allen Park, Munjoy Hill Neighborhood, Fort Sumner, Baxter Woods, Ocean Avenue Dog Park. In South Portland the cleanup effort has included Hinckley Park, Willard Beach, and Bug Light.

Join your community and help clean up the park and neighborhood of rubbish, refuse and doggie doo. Find one of the "golden turds" and win a gift certificate in the Golden Turdament! If you’d like to be a station manager or simply want to come help clean up your neighborhood, please let us know! Use the volunteer button below. 

Perennial Garden Beds

The historic flower beds at the corners of Eastern Promenade and Moody, Wilson, and Congress Streets were originally maintained by the City of Portland. Friends of the Eastern Promenade took up care of the beds in 2008 when city budget cuts threatened their survival. Volunteers of FoEP replanted the beds with pollinator-friendly flowers, and now provide for the beds' ongoing care. 

Care and Maintenance of Naturalized Areas

We work together with the City of Portland and volunteers to manage the park's "naturalized" areas; spaces where plants and surrounding habitat are minimally maintained. Our efforts help promote native plant species, maximize the park's potential for pollinators, bird and other wildlife habitat, and maintain the views of Casco Bay.

Birds of the Eastern Promenade

The Eastern Promenade's "naturalized" areas provide an important flyway for migratory birds. We've provided a list of bird species of the Promenade below; amassing 200+ species that have been identified on the Promenade. If you see any of the rare birds on the list, or those species not on the list, we’d love to hear about it! Please email the name of the bird and the location it was spotted.

Bird count compiled by Derek Lovitch, Freeport Wild Bird Supply.