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  • April Stools & Community Cleanup Day                

April 12th 9am-noon

Join Friends of the Eastern Promenade & Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization in this year’s annual April Stools & Community Cleanup Day. Anytime between 9-noon, participate at the location of your choice, where supplies will be available for you. 

Locations include:  Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization’s Hill House (92 Congress St -next to the old Hilltop Coffee), Cleeves Monument (top of Congress St), Cutter Street, East End Beach, Fort Sumner Park, Baxter Woods, Evergreen Cemetery, Ocean Ave dog park, the Parkside Neighborhood, Mill Creek Park, Hinkley Park, and Willard Beach.

Join us at Hill House at 92 Congress Street for coffee and goodies prior to 9 am, and lunchtime snacks donated by Rosemont Market around noon!

  • Invasive Species Removal: TBA
  • Summer Concert Series: Thursday evenings throughout July and August
  • Bicentennial of Fort Allen Park: September 20th. Stay tuned for this fabulous celebration of our park’s great history!

Winter Programs

  • Bandstand Decoration: November
  • Caroling: December